Auto Accident


The car wreck you were involved in could have left you with extensive damages. Make sure the person responsible for your crash is held to account by working with an Attorney at Sears Law.

Georgia has some of the worst traffic and car accidents imaginable, and if someone else caused your Georgia crash, you can seek compensation from them by filing an auto wreck claim.

There could be many reasons for a car wreck; not all accidents are caused by a dangerous driver. For instance, poor road construction could have caused your accident.

No matter what caused your car accident, if you weren't to blame for it, you deserve compensation and justice. Filing and winning an injury case isn't always an easy task, and you need to win in order to receive the money needed to pay for your damages.

Work with a car accident lawyer in Georgia to increase your claim's chance of a successful outcome.

Common Reasons for Traffic Collisions in Atlanta, GA

Discovering what caused your car accident is very important, as it will often point to fault, allowing you to file a claim against the person who was responsible.

When you've been in a collision, you probably won't immediately know what caused the crash. Even if you think the other driver was to blame for the accident, sometimes there is an underlying cause you're unaware of, making it critical to work with an attorney.

Investigation is imperative to determining the cause so that you can gather proof of fault. Oftentimes, the cause of a car accident isn't as obvious as you think.

For instance, if you were struck from behind, you might believe the rear driver was to blame for your accident. But what if the driver's brakes went out? Perhaps faulty brakes were to blame, and the rear driver was as innocent as you were.

It's vital to investigate your Los Angeles accident so that the cause can be found. Once you find the cause, you can pursue an accident claim against the person who was truly to blame.

Listed below are some of the most common reasons for car wrecks in Atlanta and the rest of Georgia

  • Distracted Driving – Becoming a major cause of vehicle collisions in this country, those who engage in distracted driving must be held to account.
  • Hazardous Road Conditions – The government is responsible for maintaining safe roads for us to drive on. If they fail in that responsibility, they can be held liable for your damages.
  • Intoxicated Driving – Drunk and drugged driving are dangerous, and they're also criminal acts. If you've been hurt in a drunk driving accident, you can pursue the driver by filing a claim against them.
  • Commercial Trucking Issues – Those big semis cause a lot of accidents, and many of the accidents are due to negligence. You might be able to hold the trucker and the trucking company responsible for your injuries.
  • Speeding and Reckless Driving – Dangerous driving causes accidents—it's as simple as that. You can go after a reckless driver in LA by submitting your claim.
  • Faulty Auto Parts – Negligent manufacturing can cause accidents. The manufacturer can held accountable for the injuries they cause.
  • Poor Service Work – A mechanic or body shop that provides poor service could be held liable if you're hurt in an accident because of it.

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