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Atlanta Rideshare Accident Attorney

Did you experience an auto accident because of a rideshare driver? Contact an Atlanta rideshare accident attorney to find out how you could obtain compensation for your damages.

Yes, rideshare companies currently dominate the public transportation industry, but how consumer-friendly are they? If you find yourself suffering from a rideshare accident, then receiving compensation for your damages may not be as easy as you may think.

Because of complicated insurance policies, experiencing a rideshare accident is never a simple process. However, reaching out to an Atlanta rideshare accident lawyer can help you go after compensation for your damages.

Common Causes of Rideshare Accidents in Atlanta

Unlike other forms of public transportation, such as buses and traditional taxis, rideshare companies do not make their drivers undergo serious training. Instead, rideshare drivers only have to pass a background check, have a functioning car, and possess a license to begin driving.

What this means for passengers is that their rideshare driver is arguably more prone to distracted driving or even drunk driving. Because of the lax background checks used by rideshare companies, passengers could also potentially have drivers with criminal backgrounds.

With various assaults and kidnappings occurring at the hands of some rideshare drivers, passengers now have to be cautious when entering the vehicle of a driver they don't know.

Recovering Damages in Your Atlanta Rideshare Accident

Rideshare companies understand the risk they take when they allow nearly anyone to drive for them. For this reason and others, they consider their drivers as independent contractors instead of employees. Having a seemingly minor distinction such as this helps them avoid major lawsuits from injured passengers or other drivers hit by their vehicles.

But when you have to deal with medical bills, property damage, lost wages, emotional distress, and more following your rideshare accident, it is essential that you recover your losses. Although major rideshare companies feature $1 million insurance policies for passengers and other drivers hurt by their vehicles, obtaining this compensation is complicated.

Because most rideshare companies require their drivers to have personal insurance, you may have to file your auto accident claim against the driver before seeking direct compensation from the company. Unless your damages are extreme, the chances of you taking advantage of a rideshares $1 million insurance policy are usually slim.

As you can imagine, the complicated policies of rideshare companies can make receiving compensation for your damages a stressful process. Thankfully, you're not alone during this process. You can contact a Los Angeles rideshare accident lawyer who can help you file your auto accident claim against the company or party responsible for your damages.

Speak with an Atlanta Rideshare Accident Attorney

Most rideshare companies know how confusing their insurance policies are, but that's not their concern. When you're suffering from the damages of your rideshare accident, you may need help when filing your auto accident claim. Sears Law is here to help you fight for your compensation.

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